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Back Alley Bikes is an independent, worker-owned bicycle shop in Carrboro, NC. Repairing broken bikes is our main gig, and we service all makes and models of bicycles.

We ride and sell bicycles from Kona, Giant, Ibis, FBM, and Fit.  We also stock a careful selection of parts and accessories that we actually use!

Since opening our doors in 2007 (in the back of a building at the end of an alley), we have worked tirelessly to salve the wounds of every broken bike and stoke the fires of every would be rider. We are fueled by coffee, community, and the heaviest of heavy jams.

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The Doors of Customer Perception

I have been taking my bikes to Jason and Rob for years. They are both very knowledgeable, friendly, and clear about what needs to be repaired, what can wait, what the options are, and the turnaround for getting it done. Since Back Alley is not a corporate affiliate with the goal to sell sell sell, there is no “don’t you want to replace this old thing?” conversation. I want to take care of my bike; they want to take care of my bike. We have the same goal before I walk in the door. And they always do a great job. My kind of place.

— Margaret Fields

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