Road Bikes

The way we road ride, there may not always be a road.  In fact, we often head out in search of the pavement’s end to see what lies just off the map, and our “road” bikes can take you there.




The Kona Rove is a sub-$900 bike that will take you anywhere you can imagine: to work, to the woods, or to work through the woods.  A solid build with smart parts: aluminum frame with rack and fender mounts galore, disc brakes, integrated shifters, and 700×32 tires.



Surly Straggler (and Cross Check**) – If you want to own only one bike (gasp!) that can do the job of many, then the Surly Straggler is your bike.   Inheriting the comfort, durability, and adaptability of the legendary Surly Cross Check, The Straggler brings the tech with disc brakes and integrated shifters, and ups the shred factor with wide tires and and playful geometry.  A rolling paradox, it is both fun and practical.

Drivetrain options: single, internal, external.

Tire clearance: up to 1.9!!!

Braze-ons: more than you can swing a dead cat at!
Frame sizes: 38cm to 64cm for riders 4’11” to 6’5″.

**Also available: the aforementioned Cross Check.  Equally deserving of every ounce of praise bestowed upon The Straggler, it is the original do-all.  Recently updated, the newest models bring Straggler tech like fatter stock tires (700×41) and more powerful rim brakes to the bar end shifter-equipped, adventure-ready Cross Check.  Loads of drivetrain options, braze-ons for days, and a size for almost anyone (42cm-64cm).



rlt9 (2)

The name says it all, this bike is for the Road Less Traveled.  Like the Rove and the Straggler, it has a can-do attitude regardless of terrain, but with a race light build, the RLT9 is spurred along with little effort.

Technologically, the RLT9 is a blend of classic and cutting edge: top shelf Reynolds 853 tubing, carbon fiber Niner fork, and many flavors of drivetrain/brake configuration: mechanical/hydro/electronic, and coming soon, telepathic!*

*Not true.