Kona Demo Day at Briar Chapel! Saturday, 9/1/18, 3p-7p.

Come out and test ride all of the super sweet new 2019 Kona Bikes!
We’ll be there with our shop demo bikes (M+L Hei Hei TR AL/DL and M+L Satori DL) and the Kona trailer will be hauling in their demo fleet:
– M-XL Process 153 CR 29
– S-L Process 153 CR 27.5
– S-XL Big Honzo CR
– M-XL Hei Hei CR DL
– S-L Satori DL

2018 Kona Bikes

The 2018 Kona line is stacked to the gills with bikes that have gone above and beyond all expectations.  With a dramatic redesign and seven variants, the superstar of the new line is definitely the G2 Process 153:

…but don’t let their plastic super bikes steal the spotlight!

Their Rove line is pushing the bounds of what a curlybar bike could and should do:

You’ve read enough already, and I’m already tired of writing, so let’s get to the good part: riding!  New models are on the floor daily, so get off the internet and get into the shop!


Kona Demo – May 6th at Briar Chapel

The shop will be closing early on Friday, May 6th for the Kona Demo at Briar Chapel.

Come join us for food, beverage, and free rides on the shreddiest bikes around!

4p-8p, meet at the Briar Chapel Pool.

Gnarrboro Ramp Jam

If you follow the shop on Instagram then you’ve probably seen a lot of pics of sketchy-looking homemade ramps…

…featuring familiar-looking folks flirting with fatality…

…and wondered to yourself, “WTF are those fools at BAB up to now?!”.

Well, a crew of volunteers have spent the last several weeks collecting construction waste and rebuilding it into the greatest collection of launch ramps, quarter pipes, and vert walls that Carrboro has ever seen.

Mark your calendars now because on Sunday, May 24th we’ll be hosting a blowout party featuring the three B’s: Bands, BBQ, and of course, BMX!

Jump Jam starts at Noon. Free!